The perspectives viewed by over eight million commuters daily on the Yamanote Line form the basis for a series of original musical scores and lyrics by Tokyo hiphop producer DJ BAKU and MC Taboo (MSC).

The tracks are synchronised directly with the open vistas and abstracted geometry viewed from inside the train, while the lyrics highlight the changing cityscape, spatial politics and issues pertaining to public life between three consecutive stations in central Tokyo.

MP3 Tracks can be downloaded for journeys between:

Yoyogi ➝ Shinjuku
Shinjuku ➝ Shin-Okubo
Shin-Okubo ➝ Takadanobaba

n.b. Be seated on the left-hand side and press play as soon as the train starts to move!

Tokyo Wonder Site, 2012
In collaboration with TABOO ONE and DJ BAKU
Videography and technical assistance by Hiroki Obara